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Our Neighbors

Our Neighbors

At Greenwich and 21st street, just off highway K96, resides the ever-expanding, upscale shopping center of north Wichita. Home to big-box stores, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and banks, the Village at Greenwich sits in the heart of one of Wichita's newest suburban marketplaces. The Village's foot traffic is supported in great part by its neighboring stores and surrounding communities. The land to the south of the Village is relatively undeveloped as Wichita burgeons with new businesses, brimming with potential.



As one of the world's largest Outdoor Retailers, the K96 Cabela's is one of two located in the state of Kansas. With over 80,000 square feet of retail space and store events every month, this behemoth draws visitors from over 100 miles away.

East Wichita's only SuperTarget, the store boasts a full bakery, deli, pharmacy and grocery store. Super Target brings a massive amount of traffic through the area, as it is situated on the corner of the intersection and is the gateway to Cabela's, World Market and Hobby Lobby.

In land-locked Kansas, this imported good stores receives warm welcome from a host of receptive residents looking for unique and ecclectic goods. A profound deviation from both Cabela's and Target, World Market adds a flair of culture to our neighborhood.

The advent of Pinterest and the long tradition of home crafting projects makes Hobby Lobby a hub for young and old DIYers alike. Pulling in such a diverse age group, from children to senior citizens, makes it a fantastic addition to the community.



Set back from the road a great distance lies Oak Creek, a community of homes starting at 600,000 and up. Although the entrance is a stone's throw from Super Target, Oak Creek is a tranquil community, riddled with ponds and natural landscaping.

If your business caters to senior citizens, you couldn't find a more appropriate place than The Village. This upscale senior living center provides assisted and independent living not a block from The Village shopping center.



Chili's, Sonic, Subway and Arby's








Hampton Inn & Suites